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Excerpts from Landscaping Brochure:

The Art of Landscaping

Mindscaping - It may be clear, sharp and immediate or a soft Monet impression just a little out of focus...but we all have a mental vision of a personal landscape that is right for us. A place where we feel at ease and content. A place where energy flows freely and ideas come a little quicker. A place where we can be ourselves. Clearwater Landscaping recognizes and seeks out these mind-pictures to help turn them into realities. It's one thing to create a stunning landscape, it's another to craft it into a personal mindscape.

Environation - There is a limit to what Clearwater can do with your landscape environment...that limit is imagination, yours and Clearwater's. Clearwater has over 25 years of experience and a complete staff of highly trained and educated professionals as well as extensive, well-maintained, equipment and its own high elevation nursery. So let your imagination soar, The experts at Clearwater love a challenge.

ArtChitecture - For some designers architecture is a blueprint for construction. At Clearwater it is an art. Clearwater thinks of landscaping as a three dimensional painting you can escape into. Successful landscaping should be a piece of functional "live-in" art. To accomplish this the site must be approached with an artistís sensitive eye and a caring landscaperís knowledge. Creativity on such a grand scale requires training, experience, and dedication.

Horse Bedding Magazine Ad

Attention to Detail

It's the little things, the details, that can affect every-thing from profitability to your personal relationship with your horses, to their health and vitality, or to winning a championship. Unfortunately, it's the details that are often overlooked.

Selecting the right horse bedding is a small detail that can make a big difference. At a glance, most horse bedding may look alike but that may be deceiving. There are many variances that can bring health or harm to your animals. Dust can affect respiration, contaminants may be present, low absorbency causing a damp stall will support high bacteria levels. The bedding has to be just right and it has to be right consistently, from load to load. The good news is DryNest has taken care of the details for you. There are many other little things that make DryNest a superior product available with unequaled service. We're excited to give you the details, give us a call.


Telephone: 208.788.4500

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